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Recovery Coaching
Overcoming addiction can be the single most challenging thing you achieve in your life. We'll assist you in developing the tools you need to sustain your recovery and help you develop a lifestyle and culture of recovery.

Our six-week online program includes:
1. Online weekly consults
2. Weekly support group
3. Didactic education on addiction and recovery Proccess
4. 24-hour support
5. 12-step program (Optional)
6. Assessments
7. Aftercare planning
8. Individualised program
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Mental Health Coaching
In most cases, individuals only seek help for mental health concerns when they are in crisis. This is mostly due to the stigma that society has placed on mental health. Studies show that one in four people will suffer from one or more mental health disorders during their lives. We follow a flexible and dynamic approach to mental health coaching. Our aim is to equip you with the skills you need to overcome mental health struggles and lead a purpose-filled life.
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Life Coaching
Whether you're attempting to overcome obstacles in your life or feel like you need direction, our life coaching can be a powerful force in creating a structured plan that enables you to achieve your life goals. We can help you to overcome the current obstacles that you face in order to build into a life of purpose.
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6-Week Intensive
After Care
Biopsychosocial Assessment
Individual Treatment Planning
Weekly Goal Setting
12-Step Program (Optional)
Number of Sessions
Didactic Education
24 Hour Support

Areas of Specialization

“Everything changes when we begin to realise
how much authority we have in our lives.”
- Craig Bilton

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