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Online recovery Program

Our six week program will rival inpatient treatment

You've taken the first step.  You're looking for help.  Let the best help you.

Our program offers:

1. Two online weekly consults

2. Weekly support group

3. Weekly Masterclass on various recovery topics

4. 24 hour support

5. 12 step program (Optional)

6. Assesments

7. Aftercare planning

8 Individualized program

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About Us

We’re Here for You

We've taken a medically informed, holistic approach to treatment seeks to help individuals in all aspects of their metal health and developed a bespoke online program for those individuals that cant enter into inpatient treatment.

At Self - MCH, we see the whole picture and seek to address the environmental, lifestyle, health, educational and psychological aspects of your ailment in order to help you get your life back.


Treatment Services

What We Provide

Recovery Coaching

Overcoming addiction will be the single most challenging thing you achieve in your life.  We'll assist you in developing the tools you need to sustain your recovery and help you develop a lifestyle and culture of recovery.

This will include:

  • Individual Counselling

  • 12 Step Programme

  • Relapse Prevention Planning

  • Addiction and Recovery Education

  • Emotional Support

Inpatient Drug Abuse Treatment

Mental Health Coaching

Perhaps you are battling depression, or anxiety has started to make your life feel unmanageable. You are not alone, we can equip you with the skills you need to overcome these strong emotions and lead a purposed filled life.

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Life Coaching

Maybe you're attempting to overcome obstacles in your life, or perhaps you feel a bit scattered and you need direction. Coaching can be a powerful force in creating a structured plan that enables you to achieve your life goals.


“Everything changes when we begin to realize how much authority we have in our lives”

Craig Bilton

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